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My computer is an absolute muppet right now

  Anon-2388515 09:28 02 Oct 2017

Basically, my computer is as slow as molasses right now. Everything related to the computer's system is unbearable to use and simple tasks take about 47 minutes to complete.

I have had this problem for a while, and I am relatively sure that it is due to me having extremely low amounts of disk space. However, I started to delete things to free up space and get my computer to run faster. So far, I have managed, and trust me when I say that this is an accomplishment, to delete roughly 40-50 GB worth of space wihtout losing my mind. Currently I have about 65-70 GB of free space, and the storage is no longer showing red to highlight the fact that I am running out of it.

This is yet to have an effect on my computer, though. It is still as slow as eating soup with chopsticks. The browsers work fine for the most part, but as soon as I try to use Windows Explorer and the Recycle Bin for deleting or doing some simple tasks the computer decides to give up on life. For example: deleting 1,8 GB from the Recycle Bin has so far, in total, taken me one and a half hour, and it is not even finished. Whenever I try to open the Recycle Bin, it always becomes unresponsive and it takes at least 15 minutes. This is almost the same for Windows Explorer where navigating and deleting, moving and renaming items takes very long.

How can I fix these problems? What is causing them? I tried to reset the Recycle Bin seeing as that is causing most of the problems right now, but it did not work. Clealy, I have to do something about the disk space, but I cannot do that if it takes half a year to delete things.

Help and answers appreciated.

  Anon-2388515 20:01 31 Oct 2017

What do refer to when you say: "By the way: Trying to sound cool is totally uncool, particularly if it gets in the way of letting us know what your real problems are."

I ran CCleaner, like I said before, aswell as AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes anti-virus programs.

  Anon-2388515 20:08 31 Oct 2017

Also, I did not understand what you meant when saying "It also dates you, unfortunately"

  Anon-2388515 20:12 31 Oct 2017

Oh, and finally, everything is working fine now apart from the Recycle Bin. I have noticed that every action that engages the Recycle Bin, such as deleting items or trying to open it, is what makes the computer not work properly.

  Anon-281249 21:09 31 Oct 2017

So, when you Delete something, it is placed in the Recycle Bin. That is what happens normally. Every now and again you click on the Recycle Bin to see what's inside and, if there is nothing there that you wish to keep, you clear the Recycle Bin and Windows loses it. Of course it doesn't actually delete it but it is now difficult to find and can be overwritten by new data

What happens to you?

When you say it's causing the Computer not to work properly, what is going wrong?

  Anon-2388515 07:41 01 Nov 2017

Right, this might be a long post, but I will go through a few scenarios of what might happen.

Scenario 1: Deleting something (putting it in the Recycle Bin)

This process can be both smooth and not smooth, but the effect tends to be similar. If it is smooth the file gets put into the Recycle Bin immediately. However, for the next 5-15 minutes every other aspect of the computer becomes slow and unresponsive. Say that I am browsing the Internet, in that case opening websites takes around a minute or two instead of three seconds, and Google Chrome will more often than not go "Not Responding" at least once. Also, if I try to open Windows Explorer, that is guaranteed to not work. It will not only take minutes to open, but it will also be unusable in the sense that switching from folder to folder, or genereally just doing anything will cause everything to not respond. Once the time period has passed, though, the computer tends to go back to normal.

If it is not smooth, then the deleting process is what takes a lot of time (10-15 minutes even for 1 KB items). First, a bar will show up saying "Preparing to recycle" (I don't know if that is precisely what it says in English, but if I were to translate, that is what it says), which will be there for a few minutes. Then, I will get the actual message asking if I want to move the file to the Recycle Bin. Finally, everthing ends with the actual deleting, which also takes several minutes, no matter what I try to delete. During this 10-15 time period, the computer functions exactly the same as described when the deleting is smooth. Basically, it does not function.

Scenario 2: Opening the Recycle Bin

Of of all the times I have tried this, it has not been any faster than 15 minutes to open the Recycle Bin, even if it has just one item in it that is 1 KB. During the opening time, the Recycle Bin will spend most of its time in a unresponsive state, where nothing can be done. This gives the same effect to the rest of the computer as the deleting process does. Assume that I get tired of waiting and decide that I need not open the Recycle Bin right now and try to open the Task Manager. If so, the Ctrl+Alt+Del command might take three minutes, and when it finally opens, it goes unresponsive right away. If I then try to close eveything the computer can completely look itself up and the mouse does not move and I cannot do anything, which has caused me to have to shut the computer down several times.

Scenario 3: Having waited for the Recycle Bin to open, I try to delete things in it

There is not that much that needs to be said about this, seeing as what happens is exactly the same as scenario one, with the exception that there is no smooth delete at all. What happens instead is exactly the same as the non-smooth delete. I guess what I could add is that, when in the Recycle Bin, doing anything, even so simple as just marking a file or pressing the mouse button, it will go unresponsive. Deleting times are even more unbearable here. A couple of days ago, I tried to delete 1,39 GB and can you guess what the projected deleting time was? 2 hours and 50 minutes. That is not normal.

As I said, a long post, but this is as accurate of a description that I can give of how the Recycle Bin is currently (not) functioning.

I currently plan on running McAfee, which I realised I could use for more than one unit, so I will do that shortly after posting this.

  Anon-281249 09:12 01 Nov 2017

It sounds to me as though you have two Anti Virus Programs installed

  Anon-332352 11:24 01 Nov 2017

Here is a link with someone having a similar problem to you Click Here there are a couple of suggestions and one of them might just help you.

  Anon-2388515 16:41 01 Nov 2017

Are you suggesting that the fact that I have two Anti-Virus programs on my computer is causing the issues that I am experiencing?

I tried to run CMD and pasted what was written, however, nothing happened. I am not sure if that is because I did something wrong or because nothing genuinely happened, if that is even a possiblity. Feel free to say if I the result I got does not normally happen so that I can try again.

I believe I have looked at the thread similar to this one before, but when I try to reset the Recycle Bin with the command prompt, it gave me a message that I had given an incorrect command, if I remember correctly. I don't know if that is because my computer is in a different language, or that it just does not work anymore. Again, feel free to say if what say sounds wrong or like it should not happen that way.

Lastly, the McAfee scan I mentioned took a very long time, almost 8 hours, but it was a full system scan and it came back showing no problem or viruses, so I assume that cannot be the cause of my problems. Are there any more ideas of what I could do?

  Anon-281249 00:59 02 Nov 2017

If you have more than 1 Anti Virus Programme loaded onto your Computer. You will need to remove all but one and you will need to use the Special Removal Tool that each AV Programme has on its Website.

More than one AV on a PC can make each one think that the other is a Virus and will try to stop files being deleted

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