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My computer is an absolute muppet right now

  NeedHelpdotcom 09:28 02 Oct 2017

Basically, my computer is as slow as molasses right now. Everything related to the computer's system is unbearable to use and simple tasks take about 47 minutes to complete.

I have had this problem for a while, and I am relatively sure that it is due to me having extremely low amounts of disk space. However, I started to delete things to free up space and get my computer to run faster. So far, I have managed, and trust me when I say that this is an accomplishment, to delete roughly 40-50 GB worth of space wihtout losing my mind. Currently I have about 65-70 GB of free space, and the storage is no longer showing red to highlight the fact that I am running out of it.

This is yet to have an effect on my computer, though. It is still as slow as eating soup with chopsticks. The browsers work fine for the most part, but as soon as I try to use Windows Explorer and the Recycle Bin for deleting or doing some simple tasks the computer decides to give up on life. For example: deleting 1,8 GB from the Recycle Bin has so far, in total, taken me one and a half hour, and it is not even finished. Whenever I try to open the Recycle Bin, it always becomes unresponsive and it takes at least 15 minutes. This is almost the same for Windows Explorer where navigating and deleting, moving and renaming items takes very long.

How can I fix these problems? What is causing them? I tried to reset the Recycle Bin seeing as that is causing most of the problems right now, but it did not work. Clealy, I have to do something about the disk space, but I cannot do that if it takes half a year to delete things.

Help and answers appreciated.

  wee eddie 09:41 02 Oct 2017

As a a matter of interest, have you tried using CCleaner Free Version (takes a while to find but it does the job) to help you clear space and delete unused software?

What Anti Virus and Malware Control Software are you running on a regular basis.

Please, instead of telling us how dire your PC is, can you tell us what PC you have and its OS and Specification

  NeedHelpdotcom 10:00 02 Oct 2017

I have indeed used CCleaner. In fact, I just ran it, but cancelled it (which has now messed up the computer completely) due to the fact that it, unsurprisingly, got stuck on emptying the Recycle Bin. I don't run it that often, though, since it usually can only delete a couple of 100 MB.

I never run my Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware programs, but I hardly believe that viruses are causing these issues. I have not visited anything dodgy where I might have gotten som unwanted program.

I have an Acer Aspire, but not sure of the exact model (it is probably 5-7 years old). I run Windows 7 64-bit.

  wee eddie 10:13 02 Oct 2017

Chances are that there is a Plate on the back with the Model Number and its basal Specification, otherwise I suggest that you run Belarc to give us its Specification or even ask it.

Meantime, unplug all devices except your Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse and let CCleaner do its business

  john bunyan 10:22 02 Oct 2017

"Not run anti virus nor anti malware" - I am amazed your PC has lasted so long. I would run anti virus , malawarebytes, and ADWCleaner for a start. I assume you delete browsing history? Also only keep 2 restore points. Use C Cleaner tools for that.

  NeedHelpdotcom 11:59 02 Oct 2017

Model number is VA70 from what I can tell.

I will try to run some programs to check for problems.

  NeedHelpdotcom 19:16 30 Oct 2017

Don't know if anyone will still see posts from this thread, but I ran some controlls and as far as I can tell they don't show anything wrong. Does anyone have suggestions for anything I could try?

  wee eddie 19:36 30 Oct 2017

Tell us which you ran?

  wee eddie 19:38 30 Oct 2017

By the way: Trying to sound cool is totally uncool, particularly if it gets in the way of letting us know what your real problems are.

It also dates you, unfortunately

  mole44 05:24 31 Oct 2017

Save your data and do a complete reinstall,it will set your machine to factory fresh.

  mole44 05:28 31 Oct 2017

Ooops forgot to say clone your drive on a regular basis (Keep in a separate place outside your house),if you have a Western Digital drive in your system WD do a free cut down copy of Acronis,then if things go pearshaped then it a simple drive swap.

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