My CD/DVD ROM drive has become invisible...

  [DELETED] 06:24 19 Jan 2005

I have a LG CD R/W, DVD ROM combo drive installed under XP SP2 and after unistalling Alcohol 120 trial
my drive has dissappeared from windows. I have tried deleting the upper and lower filters in regedit but its still not there. I may have (stupidly) changed its driver to a standard CD drive before it vanished
completly. What is going on ????

  [DELETED] 07:40 19 Jan 2005

I had exactly the same problem when updating a driver. The CD drive just disaapeared.
I solved the problem by just doing a restore to a point before I installed the driver.

  [DELETED] 20:34 19 Jan 2005

Tried that with no luck at the time. I have managed to return my drive to windows although im not entirley sure how; i removed my boot hard drive (80 gig seagate) and linked it to a friends pc as a slave and just, well mucked around comparing windows files. I didnt change anything and put my drive back and my cd/dvd was there again. Windows is strange..... :)

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