My CD players won't recognise any disks

  Fish 00:09 16 Oct 2004

This may seem pretty basic but it's got me puzzled: I have 2 CD drives on this computer; 1 plain Creative 52X and a Freecom CD/RW. Neither will recognise any disc I insert. The first says *Please insert disc* when put one in and double click the drive in My Computer. The Freecom opens a blank window. I have disabled and enabled both in Device Manager, physically unplugged them, rebooted, closed down, replugged them and rebooted again. At first the latter worked, but after a comparatively short time they've both gone non-op, now even this option seems to be useless. This is a real pain when I want to install new Software etc. Any ideas Guys?

  Completealias 00:41 16 Oct 2004

Do you have any other working CD-ROMs around that you could try out in the system?

If you do give them a try if it works then the problem lies with the cd drives. If not then you have to go through a process of elimation to find where the problem is.

Have you checked your IDE channels in device manager to verrify they are both working correctly? If there not then thats where the problem is and that means a new mobo.

If they are try a different IDE cable.

  jack 08:34 16 Oct 2004

try also a CD disk cleaner! but IDE cable /MoBo
is a likely fault.

  User-312386 08:37 16 Oct 2004

you say you have "disabled them" in Device manager

Have you deleted them in Device manager and then restarted computer?

  Fish 15:02 16 Oct 2004

Completealias, I have a spare little used DVD/CD drive which I have installed to no effect, other than when I put a disc in the Icon changes to CD, but when I doubel click on it it still tells me to insert a disc. I have also checked all relevent channels and pieces in Device Manager and get a no problem message in each case. I have also replaced the IDE cable with a new one. I am still getting zilch results. I do not know the term *Mobo* wassat?

madboy33©®, I did delete them in Device Manager, close, boot, close, boot, re-install, and reboot.
I have now used up all my knowledge on this subject!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:29 16 Oct 2004

Device manager - dvd/cd rom drives remove -IDE ata/atapi secondary channel remove (Your hard drives are usually on primary),Action- scan for hardware changes. System should then scan an reinstall drivers.

  Dorsai 18:51 16 Oct 2004

Mobo = Mo(ther)Bo(ard)

  Fish 10:12 17 Oct 2004

Thanks all. The suggestion that the Motherboard is at fault makes sense; this machine is not in the first flush of youth. Time I think for a change!

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