My Cd Drive has lost the plot

  Megaman_EXE 02:50 20 Aug 2003

Hello, I was writing some stuff to a rewritable cd on nero. Once the writing process was complete I tried to check to see if the cd worked but it came out blank. I wish this was my only problem but it was only the begining as when I tried to load another cd i found that it didn't load either. I've tried everything from sorting out my aspi layers to removeing the drive from the system and also the auto insert thing too. I'm really tired and I just want to know what's up with this thing.

I'm running a 1.2GHz Athlon with 288MB approx
My cd drive is a atapi x48 x24 x48 drive and I use win Me.

Some extra info.. The cd LED flashes for around 4 secs then just goes out.

Thanks to anyone who can suss this one I'm fresh out of ideas...

  Djohn 04:30 20 Aug 2003

If it is a re-writable CD, then you need to format it first, I think! j.

  Bodi 08:28 20 Aug 2003

Djohn is right. CDRW disk have to be formatted before they can be used.

However, is it another CDRW disk that doesn't load - "I tried to load another cd i found that it didn't load either." - or an ordinary CD disk?


  Megaman_EXE 11:27 20 Aug 2003

The problem is that no Cd media works on the drive at all I can't intall nero again, basically I can't use the drive.

  DieSse 11:42 20 Aug 2003

It's probably failed, then.

  pj123 11:49 20 Aug 2003

I had a similar problem and now I never format CDRWs. I use Nero burn for burning to and deleting from CDRWs. It does mean you can't use Drag and Drop anymore and INCD becomes redundant, but I never have a failure anymore.

  Megaman_EXE 12:24 20 Aug 2003

Thanks but how do I fix my cd drive? Its not auto running any cds at all? This is my problem.I'm not concerned with the CDRW. The CDRW is just what got me into this mess, that is why i mentioned it.

  DieSse 12:29 20 Aug 2003

If it's failed, you can't "fix" it - you have to replace it - under warranty if it's less than a year old.

  Confab 12:32 20 Aug 2003

I think a new CDRW drive is required here. You can pick up a good spec drive for less than £40.00.


  Megaman_EXE 12:35 20 Aug 2003

Thanks, I was up all night tring to fix the problem.

  crx1600 12:38 20 Aug 2003

have you tried exploring/browsing the drive, with a 'normal' CD in it?

ive noticed you've mentioned "Its not auto running any cds at all?"

but what does 'my computer' show when a CD is inserted.

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