My Cambridge Dictionaries Online audio gives an error message

  K*B 20:16 28 Sep 2014

Hello Friends. I have a Cambridge English Dictionaries Online link in my MS Vista Home Basic laptop which is on internet through an ISP from home. I used to listen to pronounciations of English words online, but of late when I click to listen an error message appears on screen which reads as follows:

"MESSAGE FROM WEBPAGE: Apologies, the sound is not available"

However, I can listen to the same online dictionary words using another laptop running Win 7 and on the same home internet connectivity. This probably means the problem is on the Vista laptop, but I listen to other online audio items on the same vista laptop! Any help? Thanks in advance.

  K*B 19:27 30 Sep 2014

Anyone out there who can help? Strange thing is I can lisen to dictionary words being pronounced on a Win7 laptop linked to internet at home connectivity, but I get an error message when I use a vista laptop on the same internet at home connectivity to listen to pronounciations of words in the same online dictionary. Maybe the problem is on the vista laptop? If it is how do I fix it? Please help. Thanks.

  K*B 20:40 03 Oct 2014

Windows Internet Explorer 9.

  rdave13 20:46 03 Oct 2014

Try Firefox, Link , as IE 9 is dead in the water.

  K*B 15:15 04 Oct 2014

Thanks rdav13! I tried Firefox and voila! there was audio. I found that my vista laptop was running ie9. I'll upgrade it to ie10/ie11 and see what happens. Thanks all the same.

  rdave13 15:33 04 Oct 2014

Unfortunately IE9 is the last version that Vista supports.

  K*B 21:37 04 Oct 2014

rdav13, thanks for the information. I wont bother with upgrade.

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