is my broadband speed average?

  Dan Gabriel 17:16 06 Dec 2016

So I'm not sure if my connection is average I live in a rural town in england and want to know how my connection compares in an average

Speedtest Downstream: 66.29 mb/s Upstream: 15.10 mb/s Also is this reasonable for online gaming? Thanks!

  lotvic 17:29 06 Dec 2016

how my connection compares in an average

Depends what speed you are paying for on your package.

  Dan Gabriel 17:31 06 Dec 2016

70mb I think

  Dan Gabriel 17:37 06 Dec 2016

Although my question was based on speed in general not what I'm paying for

  Secret-Squirrel 17:53 06 Dec 2016

Dan, Lotvic asked a pertinent question. If you're paying for a 200Mb service then your speeds are rubbish and you're paying too much.

As it happens your speeds are excellent for an up-to 70Mb service and they are well above the national average.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:05 06 Dec 2016

....Also is this reasonable for online gaming?

Providing your connection's latency (ping) is 100ms or lower it'll be great for gaming. The lower the ping the more responsive your game playing will be.

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