My BB Constantly Disconnecting **UPDATE** !!

  AngeTheHippy 10:42 18 Sep 2004

Hi chaps, remember a week or so back the probs I was having with BB disconnecting? Well, the BT engineers (2 of 'em) arrived and diagnosed NO problems with wiring. I then contacted my provider, Eclipse, who in turn contacted a BT ADSL engineer. What service! That engineer rang me EVERY evening, for an update of the previous day/night. Each time I said I would do diagnostics myself, on a process of elimination basis, so first I setup Laptop in hallway, direct into main BT socket. Left on all evening, no joy, still disconnecting. Next day, purchased a powered hub (be meaning to anyway, this exercise accelerated the purchase)and connected to my desktop PC. Same thing during evening, but it seemed not so often. Next day, purchased a Binatone (cheapest!!)modem - result? left PC online from 18:00hrs until 04:30hrs... NO DISCONNECTIONS!! I think we can safely say, that the MODEM was at fault - just can't fathom out though, WHY it should only be in evening/night time. Do you think, when peak times arrive - usually 18:00hrs onwards, then if the modem is faulty, with the extra traffic maybe it needs to work harder, can't, and this causes it to disconnect?
Anyway, Both BT and have been very good - didn't get the brush off once - both seemed very interested in the tests I was doing.

Here's a happy AngeTheHippy, signing off for now!!


  spuds 11:54 18 Sep 2004

Very interesting. I have had many problems with disconnections, to the result that I have had plenty of technical advice from Tiscali [my ISP] Thomson SpeedTouch [the modem]BT [line supplier].Whilst the problem is still there,it is not as bad as it was, this is after trying out various suggestions. In fact Tiscali substituted the Thomson modem for a Sagem, as there was a known problem with the SpeedTouch and my particular motherboard chipset.

BT have initially stated that the problem is not theirs, but I ran an exchange check via click here and found a fault with my providing local exchange.I am awaiting further information from BT. Like Ange, most of my disconnections are mid to late evening,which the Nod report on my exchange and line would possibly confirm.

Another factor that I learnt was the power usage of modems. All are not the same,some are more power thirsty than others, and this can possibly lead to 'drop-outs'and disconnections.

Might now consider a cheaper modem from the ebuyer range :o)

  AngeTheHippy 12:06 18 Sep 2004

I'm considering taking back the Binatone 'cos it's so cheap! I've read elsewhere though, not to purchase the most expensive, best looking modems as they're ALL the same insides up to a certain limit... perhaps I should stay with this Binatone... Anyway, notice I'm using a powered USB also, maybe this combined with another modem has the desired effect! Good luck, anyway.


  stalion 12:10 18 Sep 2004

if it 'aint broke don't fix it,I would stick with your current set up if it is working ok.

  Graham ® 12:31 18 Sep 2004

Glad you're sorted :-)

  JAN-BOY 12:55 18 Sep 2004

Hooray! A happy hippy chic.

Regards Jan-Boy.

  zincy 13:03 18 Sep 2004

i had a problem with disconnects too, with blueyonder. But it turned out all we needed to do was upgrade the firmware on the modem.

  AngeTheHippy 14:22 18 Sep 2004

prob gonna keep the Binatone!!


  AngeTheHippy 14:22 18 Sep 2004

prob gonna keep the Binatone!!



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:34 18 Sep 2004

Happy surfing

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  AngeTheHippy 02:58 19 Sep 2004

Thank you! These links could keep a hippy chic goin' for AGES!!!!!


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