is my AVG virus checker causing

  Spr 15:48 05 Sep 2018

I belong to a couple genealogy list of late I received e-mail from them shown in the sample below it has been mentioned it was caused by my free AVG virus checker. orename-3Dann-26forename-5Fso-3Dexact-26from-5Fyear-3D-26to-5Fyear-3D-26surn ame-5Fso-3Dexact-26church-5Ftype-3DOld-2520Parish-2520Registers-26event-3DM- 26record-5Ftype-255B0-255D-3Dopr-5Fmarriages-26so

  wiganken2 16:25 05 Sep 2018

Can you rephrase your question more clearly please? Preferably in English.

  wee eddie 17:36 05 Sep 2018

Wiggi: I think that that's a link gone wrong

  Spr 21:24 05 Sep 2018

It is in English is there an other language you wish it in?

  wee eddie 21:44 05 Sep 2018

The link is incomplete

  Spr 08:38 06 Sep 2018

wee eddie how would I get over the link being incomplete thank you

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