My Android Tablet has lost pinch zoom

  RISC OS user 21:05 30 Nov 2018

How do I switch the Pinch facility ON. My Lenovo 10 seems to have lost the ability and I can not find now way to reactivate it. The pinch zoom functions correctly with pictures/photos and gmail text but nothing else. The facility was working up to about 2 weeks ago.

  difarn 21:53 30 Nov 2018

Do you have Settings - Accessability - Magnification gestures? If so make sure that the feature is not disabled.

  RISC OS user 15:55 01 Dec 2018

Thank you Difarn, that over comes part of the problem, but before it stopped working just spreading two fingers or pinching did the same but more efficiently, any further ideas?

  difarn 16:33 01 Dec 2018

Do you have a "Home Screen Mode" ? Settings - Home Screen - Change Home Screen Mode - if it is on Easy Mode change it to Standard.

  RISC OS user 17:04 01 Dec 2018

Cannot find Home Screen Mode, all I can find it settings, accessibility, magnification gestures which I have set to on, but this does not give the desired result as experienced about 3 weeks ago. click here

  difarn 17:18 01 Dec 2018

What does it say under Gestures and Display?

  RISC OS user 11:15 02 Dec 2018

Thank you for your reply here are the screens for Display and Gestures, but there is no setting for Display & Gestures. I do not even understand the Gestures screen and have never changed it! click here

  difarn 11:37 02 Dec 2018

As you say there is no obious Home Screen Mode. The Gestures option allows you to personalise functions relating to how the screen operates.

Have you had a recent OS update? It may help if you do a factory reset - you can google how to do that for your device. Of course you will lose any data and settings.

Have you tried the Lenovo site where there is a facility to chat on-line to an advisor? If you hover your cursor over contact to right a drop-down box will appear with a "chat now" option.

click here

  RISC OS user 14:53 02 Dec 2018

I am not aware of recent updates. I may have to try a factory reset, but this would mean starting afresh installing apps, etc. so probably would not be worth while given the hassle for such little gain. I will have a go at the chat line when they are back on line, presumably Monday am.

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