My advert on Internet and response

  compumac 09:12 29 Sep 2012

I have advertised a couple of items on the internet and the following is an e-mail I received from a potential buyer.


"Glad to know its still available. I will buy both. Please remove the ad or put it as sold. I will pay by Cashier cheque. I will take care of the shipping and its cost, I bought some other goods that I will be shipping with it. I already have a shipping agent that will collect it from you. The collection will be done after you have cashed the cheque. The amount I will be sending you will include extra money for the shipper that will pick up from you. send me your details as below; Name, Address, city, code, Phone number, Agreed Price,

Get back to me with your details and I will immediately send payment.


  compumac 09:29 29 Sep 2012

I know it is a con, but cannot remember as to how it works.

  KRONOS the First 10:06 29 Sep 2012

I cannot remember fully but it has something to do with the cheque.

Here you go. Cheque scam.

  compumac 10:15 29 Sep 2012

I knew it was a con immediately as there was no specific interest in the items expressed and the buyer(???) gave too much detail(?). I was aware of the manner of the e-mail, but simply could not remember as to how it worked. Needless to say I have ignored it.

  lotvic 13:48 29 Sep 2012

"The amount I will be sending you will include extra money"

That's the clue "they will inform you that they will send a check for way more than the asking price and then they want you to cash it and send them the rest. when this happens you get held responsible for the bad check and they have your stuff"

scroll down to post by Anonymous on Sun, 2009/04/19 - 23:16

  wiz-king 17:07 29 Sep 2012

Had one of these scams a couple of months ago, he wanted to buy a book I had published several years ago, which normally sells about a dozen copies a year, he wanted 400 copies. His international shipping agent had a @hotmail address - I dont know many firms with @hotmail addresses.

I kept my books.

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