is my 3Dmark score any good?

  Not a Scooby 10:30 10 Aug 2004

I run a P4 3.06Ghz processor, with 512MB DDR ram, 120GB hard drive on an 533FSB, with a Radeon 9800pro. Running XP.

I've got a score of around 6000, well just under really but there or there abouts. Is that good for the system, or should I expect to be able to get more out of it?

Also, having upgraded from an FX5200, I have turned up the grpahics resolution on BF1942 vietnam and it seemed to get a bit sluggish so I'm still running on 800x600... Is it worth re-installing some games now I have a new card?

  Stuartli 10:58 10 Aug 2004

I would have thought you would have got a very much higher figure than that judging by recent reviews.

Don't fret though. My Celeron 400MHz system used to reach about 550 and a recently installed Pentium III 550MHz (Kaimi) notched up a gasp inducing 1053.

I've bettered that since to 1055 after installing DirectX 9.0c...:-)

Mind you I don't play games.........

  Sans le Sou 11:07 10 Aug 2004

Hello - which Benchmark prog are you using, I am looking for a 3D benchmark prog that is fairly cheap or even free, most seem to cost a lot.

  Not a Scooby 11:11 10 Aug 2004

use 3D mark... it's shareware and pretty much a standard most people use. Its free, but you have to register to post your scores. But you really don't need that as all you are doing is testing your system.

Try looking in the downloads section, or if you cant find it go to click here. They have loads of down loads.. Look under the benchmarking section.

Don't pay for one... You can also pick them up generally off cover disks.

  jonnytub 11:15 10 Aug 2004

3d mark o4, 2001 se ??? which one??

  jonnytub 11:19 10 Aug 2004

sorry 3d mark 03, not aware of an 04, is there one yet??

  Stuartli 11:24 10 Aug 2004

The thread title reveals it's 3DMark (click here).

You'll find it better to install 3D Mark 2001 from a magazine cover disk - saves a big download if you are on dialup.

Might have to go back through a year or more's disks though to find it. Got mine from the September 2001 Computer Shopper cover disk.

There's also a video version on the website - again a big download.

  Not a Scooby 11:25 10 Aug 2004

don't believe there is an 04, I'm using 03 version of the software.

Anyone have any thoughts on my original question?

  helmetshine 12:10 10 Aug 2004

Not a Scooby

6000 or thereabouts on your setup isn't a bad score on 2003(assuming the test has been run at default settings) get much more than that you'd need to have either a X800 or nVidia 6800 graphics card

If you go online to compare your scores always check the settings of the test scores you're comparing yours to....a lot of people run the test at something like 640x380 to get the highest score possible.

  Not a Scooby 13:16 10 Aug 2004

Thanks a lot helmetshine. I did run on standard settings so I guess that's OK then.

Thanks all

  Stuartli 13:32 10 Aug 2004

Makes my 1055 look a little better...:-)

That's with a comparatively elderly by today's standards nVidia GeForce 2 32MB MX200.

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