Is my 300w psu powerful enough for second hdd?

  STEVE71163 20:02 12 Apr 2003

I would like to fit a second hdd and wondered if my 300w psu would be powerful enough? My pc spec is-

Amd Athlon 2000xp
64mb geforce video card
cd-rom and cd rewriter
80gb hdd
1 case fan
adsl broadband modem
512ddr memmory

  Rayuk 20:07 12 Apr 2003

Shouldnt be a problem with that.

  pj123 21:52 12 Apr 2003

Short answer. YES.

  Migwell 00:18 13 Apr 2003

I run 4 hard drives 1 DVD and 1 CD burner also 2 floppy drives also 4 USB items on an Asus A7V225E board 512 ddr and a Athlon 1700+ XP. Allthis on a 300w power unit, and never ha any bo*^$£"er dont want to tempt providence by saying it out loud.

  STEVE71163 07:56 13 Apr 2003

Thanks everyone for replying! Now i had better start a new thread about how i am going to use that second drive.

  Gongoozler 08:14 13 Apr 2003

Hi Steve. I just looked at the spec for a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 (as a typical drive). click here. The maximum power taken is 540mA at 5V and 434mA at 12V. This adds up to just under 8Watts, so I don't think your power supply will even notice it.

  Offline 08:23 13 Apr 2003

Migwell, too late we all know what you meant, as it said on Stingray... 'Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour'. :-)

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