MX500 help

  r3v 18:19 23 Mar 2005

OS: Win xp sp2. Using Mouaseware software.


my right click button keeps working for a bit andf then not working at all. I have the thr right buttobn set to (alternative select inj mouseare properties. Any ideas???


  Rogerfredo 18:44 23 Mar 2005

Is your keyboard playing up as well?
(Sorry but this does not make sense to me)

  r3v 11:01 25 Mar 2005

Got a usb keyboard aswell, thats fine. no problems.

  jbp1982 11:42 25 Mar 2005

Do I detect a bit of scarcasm? lol

My wireless setup played funny for a while, just reinstalled the software, that cured it.

  r3v 13:44 25 Mar 2005

i tried re-installing, but the use of the right click works sometimes and then won't.

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