MX2900 Camera - problem communicating

  AJJK 13:57 03 Nov 2003

I've been using a Mx2900 fuji camera with PSP7 and serial twain drivers...............all has been ok for several months downloading jpegs from the camera fine.....but the other day it came up with the message camera disconnected or power off, I cant work it out.. ive tried re installing the com port but dont really know how to check which its on (not that it matters as its not recognised on any ) I know my modem is on com 3 but there seem to be no conflicts...i've tried re instlling the twain software which all seems ok but still nothing ive only got a serial connection for my camera.....can the digital connection lead go wrong? i desperatley need to download my pics from my camera to free up space !!! Can anyone help (Ive tried Fuji Support to no avail!)

Thanks in Advance.............AK

  denchris 14:09 03 Nov 2003

Don`t panic and check the obvious first ...

Is the camera switched on ?

Is battery power high enough ?

If you haven`t changed any software , hardware recently, it might well be something this simple.

  AJJK 14:59 03 Nov 2003

Unfortunatley I wish it was as simple as is on , in pc mode , full battery no hardare has been added and no new software installed...thanks for the help all will be appriciated................AK

  Jack D 15:06 03 Nov 2003

Get a card reader.

  MichelleC 15:50 03 Nov 2003

Uninstall cam driver and unplug cam, reboot, plug in cam and follow reinstall.

  AJJK 16:09 03 Nov 2003

Will that allow me to do exactly the same thing ?

  AJJK 16:12 03 Nov 2003

Gone through that proceure michelle but camera is still not recognised ...............I cant work this out at all how do I check if the com port is being used by anything (even though it shouldn't be)..........................AK

  Stuartli 16:31 03 Nov 2003

Try reinstalling the drivers.

When I first got my Minolta Dimage E203 it took more than a dozen attempts to get the driver to install but, in this case, it's a USB connection and not serial.

You can check the ports and for any conflicts in Device Manager (highlight the various ports in turn and click on Properties).

You can also check the modem for any conflicts the same way (Resources tab).

  Stuartli 16:33 03 Nov 2003

Windows normally allocates ports and interrupts itself to avoid conflicts.

  AJJK 16:42 03 Nov 2003

Yeah Ive checked all properties and all seem ok......i have tried re installing the drivers a load of times but still not recognised.....wiered that it should stop all of a sudden though?

do you think the cable could go wrong..............AK

  MichelleC 17:33 03 Nov 2003

It's possible but highly unlikely. What os are you?

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