mwbxgngq.dll ?

  Billy911 19:00 10 Jul 2008

When I startup the laptop an "access denied" message appears for the file mwbxgngq.dll. It's located in WINDOWS/System32 folder. What is it? It doesn't appear in my desktop PC and I've tried Google but with no success.

  brundle 19:18 10 Jul 2008

Sign of previous or active virus/spyware infection. Your security software may have stopped it in its tracks by making it in-accessible. Do a full anti-virus/spyware scan.

  Billy911 19:37 10 Jul 2008

The laptop was riddled with viruses and adware/spyware. I did loads of scans and checks using AVG, Adaware, Spybot and System Mechanic and thought I'd got rid of everything as the laptop seems okay now apart from the system tray says automatic updates are switched off even though I know they are on.

Maybe if I just delete the mwbxgngq.dll file?

  brundle 19:40 10 Jul 2008

It's worth a try...

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