Mutiply and Division keys

  goldenorbs 12:19 01 Apr 2010

My keyboard does not have multiply or divide keys on it. Is there any combination of keys to get these.


  Sea Urchin 12:22 01 Apr 2010

It doesn't count after midday

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:06 01 Apr 2010
  lotvic 00:52 02 Apr 2010

if you want to use them as text and not as a calculation
for the little line with a dot above and below Type Alt+0247
(Hold down the Alt key and type 0247 using the number pad, not the ones at top of keyboard)

It is in character map in 'Lucida Console' 2nd column 10th one down if you just want to copy and paste it.

multiplication sign, × is Alt+0215. You can also use an asterisk, * or an 'x'

  lotvic 01:06 02 Apr 2010

or if you want to see what other fonts installed your pc has the signs click on 'Local Font List' on these links and it will search your pc for them:

Division Sign click here
Multiplication Sign click here

  lotvic 01:25 02 Apr 2010

Sorry for the triple posting but I have just discovered that if you open 'Character Map' and then click on the down arrow in the 'Group by:' box and choose 'Unicode Subrange' you get a pop up box that includes 'Mathematical Operaters' and then you don't have to search through the whole character set for each font as it finds and shows just the maths ones. You can also then just change the font from top 'Font' drop down menu and it shows the maths symbols for whatever font you choose.

  goldenorbs 18:28 04 Apr 2010

Thanks for your help all who replied.


  lotvic 18:37 04 Apr 2010

To green tick you have do it separate to a text reply

check the box and click on 'Resolved'

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