Must have a tablet now

  bumpkin 15:36 25 Dec 2012

No. not a hangover. A friend came today with a tablet PC. having had a play with it I have got to have one. Been doing some research but bewildered by the range and prices and subscriptions or not. All I have decided so far is I want a 10inch screen and not £30 a month to use it. His was an Acer and he said just Google Android, which I did, loads of info. I tend to be an impulse buyer and have gone wrong in the past so I seek your words of wisdom. Thanks have a good xmas. Ray

  john bunyan 16:18 25 Dec 2012

My grand daughter has just got a Samsung 7" tab2 at £155 or so with £20 cash back. A 10" is about £225. A bit thicker and maybe the resolution a bit less good but very good at less than 1/2 price of a iPad.It has a USB out, can take mini SD cards,has a camera. Uses wi fi but there is a 3G version. You can get a keyboard dock to match. We are hopeful of running iTunes on it with a conversion programme and so far it seems great. Look it up on Google.

  [email protected] 16:25 25 Dec 2012

The best 10" Android tablet available at the moment is undoubtedly the Nexus 10. Currently out of stock but hopefully not for too long.

  bumpkin 16:59 25 Dec 2012

The bad news is it's too expensive. The good news is it is out of stock so I cant buy it anyway. Thanks for your reply.

  bumpkin 17:02 25 Dec 2012

Hi again, I should have said earlier I am looking for something in the range £100 to £150

  john bunyan 19:40 25 Dec 2012

Have a look at Kindle Fire or Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7 inch

  bumpkin 13:54 26 Dec 2012

Still looking at tablet pc's. Looks like I may have to spend more as I don't really want a 7". Basically I don't know what I am doing, the specs all seem similar and the prices vary wildly. Am I missing something obvious.

  Woolwell 14:25 26 Dec 2012

With tablets you generally get what you pay for. It is also worthwhile going for a good brand name eg avoid cheap brands on ebay etc.

  bumpkin 14:48 26 Dec 2012

Thanks Woolwell, on that basis the Nexus 10 sounds good although way over budget. What does Android mean? is that an O/S. Sorry to sound so stupid but this is totally new to me.

  [email protected] 15:24 26 Dec 2012

Yes, Android is the OS.

There are only 3 main OSs on tablets: Android, Windows 8, iOS.

iOS is Apple's OS, found only on iPads and iPhones.

Windows 8 is still relatively new, and only a handful of tablets run it. It is still a very good OS though.

Android is what you will find on the majority of non-Apple tablets, and also a very good OS. Make sure you choose a tablet with at least version 4 or higher (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or Jelly Bean (4.1)

  bumpkin 16:34 26 Dec 2012

Thanks [email protected], I actually understood that including the ice cream sandwich and jellybean bit, alphabetical updates. You have enlightened me on O/S's so at least I have a clue now, will go for Android. Having got over the "must have one today" frenzy I will do some more research now that I am getting to understand the basics.

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