Music/DVD Downloads

  1887 13:33 11 Jan 2006


I love music and the cost of cd`s and Dvd`s are very costly is there any decent sites that are straight forward to download and dont cost much as im only a beginner?

Many Thanks

  1887 14:17 11 Jan 2006

Im not after MP3 I want cds and dvds

  1887 16:03 11 Jan 2006

So I can burn MP3 music onto a disc then?

Told u im a beginner lol

  JYPX 16:05 11 Jan 2006

The link given by dms05 is frankly an amazing website. Several people have expressed doubts about the legality of the site (as far as the uk is concerned). I discovered the site when it was given a very strong recommendation by the Sunday Times - who probably have one or two lawyers on their payroll vetting such advice....
Lossless flac files are about £4 per cd but sound exactly like the original cd (when converted back to wav & burnt to disc), even when subjected to critical listening on a high end system. Remember we are talking about very large files here so you need a broadband connection.

  1887 16:07 11 Jan 2006

Any sites that have free downloads?

  1887 16:10 11 Jan 2006

I have NTL broadband will this help?
Come on guys u make it seem so easy but im a girl translate it into english not computer term


  1887 15:02 12 Jan 2006


  1887 15:04 12 Jan 2006

Anyway downloading isnt illegal because you still have to pay - so ive heard anyway

  JYPX 15:19 12 Jan 2006 offer the full cd for download - yes 700 meg - if that is what you want. Or, a lossless (flac) download of the full cd at around 400 meg on average. If you accept the legality of the service (see my other post), why would this file size be a problem with broadband?
The flac downloads are quite superb - cost about £4.00 so very few people are opting for the "original digital audio". So unless it is a "chart cd" as sold by Tesco etc, you are comparing £4.00 with £15.00 from HMV.

  1887 16:37 12 Jan 2006



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