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  objective 02:55 19 Jan 2011

Hiya - I have a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo (RND2210) connected via a D-Link Switch (DAP-1522)v.1 to a Squeezebox Duet. Its wired because I have huge music files (>100Gb FLAC) that the Duet plays for me - wireless struggles to keep up.
I have an old T41 IBM laptop that I can use to setup the network.
I'd like to give this little island of connectivity access to the internet.
Every day I use a wireless network for my work laptops; an IBM X200s and a T42 connecting via a HTC Evo 4G (PC36100) which provides a wireless hotspot for up to 8 connected devices.
Can I link my wired, music network into my currently separate wireless, PC network, perhaps using the T41 laptop (with its wired NIC & a wireless NIC) as a bridge . . .??
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

  mgmcc 08:52 19 Jan 2011

If the T41 Laptop connects to the internet "wirelessly" and its wired ethernet adapter is not currently used, you can enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the Wireless Network Connection. Your wired music network could then connect to the ethernet adapter for internet access.

When you do this, the T41 Laptop's "wired" ethernet adapter will be given the IP address by Windows and will act as the DHCP server to allocate IP addresses to the connected devices.

From your other thread, I see that your router operates in the Subnet, so this will have to be changed to avoid a conflict as Internet Connection Sharing must use this range. You need to change the third octet (number) of your router's own IP address from "0" to say 1 or 2. Computers getting their addresses automatically will continue to do so, but the one you've manually configured would have to have its third octet changed too. Any firewall configuration that uses IP addresses will need to be reconfigured.

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