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  timber 12:36 24 Jun 2003

Am thinking of putting some music on web site when it opens.
Can anyone tell me where we stand with coyright laws and the likes.


  Agricola 13:30 24 Jun 2003

Basically any song or piece of music produced after 1923 is still in copyright. If you place any music composed or written after this date in any form, even if you include music only versions in midi or wav file forms, you are in infringement of copyright.

Where you aware recording songs of TV or Radio is illegal? Well it is and the same applies for internet . The law also doesn?t differentiate between personal sites or commercial sites, and in this climate of music industry getting more and more protective over their copyrights, more and more people are getting sued, even personal sites who make no money. You are still using their music without permission and broadcasting it without a licence.

If you want to cover yourself you can write to the copyright holder and ask permission. Or if you have just won the lottery you can pay the broadcasting fees and pay a fee every time your file is downloaded or played! Not very practical.

From design point of view why are you putting music on your site. You may think its most wonderful piece ever but the visitor may not. Its ok to have music on your personal site, but music or sound is not a good idea for non personal sites, like commercial or information sites.

Hearing same piece of music can grate on peoples nerves and they will soon click off your site. Also most people who visit website do so from work . most of these people work in open plan offices and have fixed speakers with no sound control etc, so as soon as they load your site and a blast of sound emits from it they will kill the page as fast as they can not wanting to attract attention from their boss.

Best way to have music on your site is to have a ?click here to play my favourite music? button so they can play your song if they want to. That way people aren?t going to kill your page as soon as they hear the first note.

Hope this is of help

  timber 14:02 24 Jun 2003

Many thanks for your input and the reasons you put forward have made me decide not to to take the matter any further.
And when you think of it there doesn,t seem to be many if any sites that have music.
Thanks again


  Forum Editor 20:17 24 Jun 2003

a great deal of copyright free music - most of it written specifically for people who produce multi-media stuff and want background music. My brother runs a video and multi-media production company and his sound studio has a vast library of copyright free music for use in films and DVD's etc.

I tend to agree with Agricola's view on website music, although there can be specific situations where sound clips are of value.

It does no harm to know about what's available in any case, and you'll find a huge library of available copyright free music if you
click here

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