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  Dirty Dick 10:14 18 Aug 2004

I'm very new to this Web Page lark and I am trying to put music on it running in the background,(as the page opens). I'm using FrontPage and the music file is in Windows Media Audio/Video file format. I've already put Video onto the page and this opens Window Media player with no ptoblems. Can anyone help this Newcomer to Web Pages and please, be gentle

  Dirty Dick 10:09 19 Aug 2004

In Frontpage, I've right clicked on the page to add background music and clicked on PAGE PROPERTIES.
I've then browsed for the file to insert, but the music I want to add does not show up. At the bottom of the dialogue box I've clicked on the SHOW ALL AUDIO FILES option, But it isn't there. Any other ideas?

  Dirty Dick 11:16 22 Aug 2004

I've tried your suggestion, but still no luck. Any further ideas. Cheers
PS Sorry for delay in replying,have been trying allsorts!

  Forum Editor 12:51 22 Aug 2004

1. In Page view, right-click the page, and then click Page Properties on the shortcut menu.

2. On the General tab, under Background sound, and in the Location box, click 'Browse' to locate the sound file you want to use.

Now do one of the following:

a)To play the sound continuously, select the 'Forever' check box.

b)To play the sound a fixed number of times, clear the 'Forever' check box, and enter the number of times you want the sound to play in the 'Loop' box.

It might be worth mentioning that many people find background music intensely irritating, and will be driven from any page that insists on playing music. I'm one of those who can't stand musical web pages - if I want to hear music I'll go to a music site and click to listen to a sample.

  Dirty Dick 12:59 22 Aug 2004

Thanks for that advice, I have done exactly what you say but when I browse, the music sample does not show as being in that folder. I've even clicked on the show SHOW ALL AUDIO FILES, but its not there. What am I doing wrong?

Might follow your suggestion and not put music in the site, although this is my first attempt.

  Forum Editor 13:06 22 Aug 2004

You need to have your music in .wav format.

  Dirty Dick 13:11 22 Aug 2004

Thanks for that. The music sample I have is in wma format (I think). When I click on properties it shows that it is in Windows Media Audio/Video file. Is there any way to convert it to a .wav format?
Many thanks

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