music volume on MP3

  joe95 11:09 18 Jul 2007

I have a large number of music albums on my PC when I put them onto my MP3 I have to keep adjusting the volume is there any way to solve this ? A friend told me I should have done this when I originally put the music on my PC but didn't know how to solve the problem.
PC xp. Win media player 10.

  jack 11:51 18 Jul 2007

I think that music files[MP3/WAV etc] as stored do not have volume as such- they are simply 'flat compressed code'
The various attributes such as volume/tones are imparted my the playing device.

  joe95 14:59 20 Jul 2007

I think I didn't explain my problem clearly all the music on my HD is of different volume levels so when I d/load them to my MP3 player and then play them I have to keep adjusting the volume, is there any way to remedy this?

  Slim Shady 15:11 20 Jul 2007

you could try click here

  hiwatt 15:23 20 Jul 2007

You could as Marg7 says use software like nero which gives you the option to normalize the tracks.If you made a cd using this option it would make all the volumes the same then you could just put the songs back on to your computer(via the cd)and copy them to your mp3 player.

  joe95 15:50 21 Jul 2007

thanks Marg7 I can't understand why the levels

are different either.

Slim Shady
thanks for your tip, seems to work but I don't know how to save them ie do I save them, rename them and then delete the old music files seems like a long job either way.

  joe95 10:36 22 Jul 2007

Thanks Marg7
I have tried what you suggested and it seems okay so will tick it resolved and get cracking.
Thanks again

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