Music on tape copy onto cd,s how ?

  pavel 23:13 11 Nov 2004

I have all my fav grooves on cassette how can I burn them to Cd,s via my pc. Running xp sp2 on 2.8 athlon xp with 512 megs ram and 100+ gigs of hdd. How can I preserve them as cd,s before the tape gives up the ghost, I know the quality will be as bad as the tape but it's I am not bothered.
Any help welcome.

  crocodile36 23:34 11 Nov 2004

Steinberg Clean or Magix (?)Audio Cleaning Lab will both work with your setup. Audio cleaning lab comes with leads to connect the "Line out" phono jacks on your cassette player to the "Line in" jacks on your sound card (assuming that you have one) Both programs cost about £25, and allow for quite a lot of control over the recordings.

  Bapou 23:42 11 Nov 2004

I use Audio Cleaning Lab,click here

Creating a CD's from your tapes will make a tremendous improvement should you take time to learn the various cleaning effects before applying and writing to CD. It's well worth doing so.

  David4637 16:34 12 Nov 2004

Use Nero 5 or 6 Wave Editor via your sound card, cheapest option, does take double the real time play to do well. David

  pj123 17:34 12 Nov 2004

Well, come on there are so many previous threads on this subject it isn't true.

First of all you will need a CD/DVD Rewriter. Next you will need a programme that will copy your cassettes to your hard drive. I use LP Recorder but JetAudio is free from click here

Once they are on your hard drive (however you got them there) you would need a burn programme (like NeroBurn or Roxio) and burn them to a blank CD as an Audio Disk.

Give this previous thread a try click here

  pavel 18:40 12 Nov 2004

Thank you folks very helpful

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