Music Studio on a PC

  duplo 22:48 23 Oct 2003

A friend of mine has a fantastic voice and it really music. She records all her music on to tape but its not great quality.

I suggested that she could record onto my Hard drive and then onto CD, but I need to know of some software that will allow me to do this, ideal with the ability to behave like a 4trak/12track tape recorder.

If it is free it would be even better. I have an audigy soundcard, she will prbably record it all through a mic.

Any ideas and which s/w?

  Peverelli 23:19 23 Oct 2003

I use Cubasis Go! I can manage 12 track audio recording with no problems (Athlon XP2400+ with 512Mb RAM, XP) The latest version is Cubasis Go 3.0 (about £23.50)

For info: click here - (3rd item from the top). It's a steep learning curve though.

Some more ideas here: click here

  kinger 22:16 24 Oct 2003

I use Sonic Foundry 'Soundforge' which can do pretty well anything with audio.

I believe Sony have just taken them over and have made several improvements too.

  kinger 22:17 24 Oct 2003
  Peverelli 20:52 26 Oct 2003

Yes, Soundforge is excellent (I'm still using V4.5 for editing) but the latest version isn't cheap at £230! click here

  duplo 22:10 26 Oct 2003

OK... cheers!

I will look around- your right its not cheap! But I see a demo version... will take a look... cheers!

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