Music Recording Desktop PC help

  Kev1986 15:54 05 Oct 2017

Hi ideas after some opinions regarding a PC I'm after. Primarily to be used for recording music. I've been told by a friend that I'd need quite a high spec for the requirements as I'd be using several plugins at the same time. Now I've got my eye on a PC from a shop on eBay. My question is would this be good for what I need and also does it look legit as it seems to be quite high spec for the lowish price. The seller has great feedback and it's all through PayPal etc. Any help would be great thanks.

  Kev1986 15:56 05 Oct 2017

The pc is here btw click here

  Jollyjohn 13:47 06 Oct 2017

This looks a good PC at a fair price. Note it has onboard graphics, this should not be an issue for you. Also it has a SATA mechanical HDD, not and SSD - Solid State Drive. These two minor point are why it may appear cheaper than you would expect. Look through the options at the bottom and I am sure you could double the price by adding a few things!! :)

  Kev1986 13:55 06 Oct 2017

Thanks man yeah there is a few add ons that would bump up the price. What on there would I need to connect wireless router as it would be upstairs and the router is downstairs. He mentions 2 wireless adapter things. Not sure what would do the job well. Thanks

  wee eddie 13:58 06 Oct 2017

Almost more important than the PC is the Software that you are going to use.

Decide that before you decide upon the PC, as the Software may need a Sound Card and specific features within the PC.

On-board Sound is unlikely to be sufficient to make the quality of recording that you will be happy with, after a couple of months of saving your creations and possibly putting them on-line

  Kev1986 14:35 06 Oct 2017

Good point. I've used a program called Reaper Audio for my recordings on my laptop until it died and it's always been great

  Menzie 15:12 06 Oct 2017

A sound card is definitely needed. I have a sound card in my PC and the difference is night and day between it and my onboard.

Everything sounds cleaner, punchier and is just an all-round more enjoyable experience. If you plan to use headphones a lot a sound card with it's own headphone amplifier is the way to go.

Asus and Creative make some great sound cards for a reasonable price.

If you are planning on recording with the computer then it will make a huge difference.

  wee eddie 15:30 06 Oct 2017

If you are actually recording "live" music. you will need to think about the number of channels you wish to use

  Kev1986 15:54 06 Oct 2017

I'll just be recording my guitars into my audio interface and using the guitar software called bias fx to run on the channels. So if I did go for this PC advertised it's be a good idea to upgrade soundcard Yeah? The power should be adequate for my needs I think

  Jollyjohn 16:10 06 Oct 2017

Yes, should be. I would research Sound Cards for your needs. Either of the Wifi add ons listed will work for you.

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