music on PC play through stereo

  matthew-293741 20:53 27 Aug 2008

Hi all

Was wondering if you can help!

I am trying to get my music on my PC to play through my stereo. I have done a google and bought a 3.5mm jack to two RCS (Red/White) cable. I have read that if i just pop the 3.5 in where my Pc speakers go and then put the red/white RCA's in the back of my amp i should be in business. The article also says that i should use AUX as my line in (because its spare) unfortunately my stereo doesnt have that option, it has CD, DAT/Video, phone and surround sound holes for which i can plug into. The other problem (this is the stumbling block i think!) is that when i pull the stereo speaker line out the icon in my taskbar shows a red cross (fair enough!) and no matter what config of line in/out i use that never goes away and when i try to play music on WMP it just comes up with no audio device/driver installed...has anyone come across this issue...if so can i resolve it? do i need a stereo with Aux on it?

I am running vista using an asus mobo (5n32sli-e) which came with a HD sound card attached....same as a striker extreme mobo (soz...canny remember the name of the sound device)

any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!!


  brundle 21:03 27 Aug 2008

DAT/Video - if it's a couple of phono sockets use those. As for the card - you mean it detects when a jack is inserted? Do you have any front-mounted audio sockets? Is there an icon near your clock in the right hand bottom corner relating to audio when a device is plugged in? If it's like the Realtek audio devices you need to disable detection of jack insertion/removal and set the output(s) to Line Out or Headphones.

  brundle 21:03 27 Aug 2008

Though saying that, if you plug a jack in the back and hook it up to your stereo it should all work without adjustment.

  matthew-293741 21:11 27 Aug 2008

ta very much...2 things though...1) how do i disable my pc looking for lines plugged in?

secondly...the connection to my pc amp/bass is also RCA adapters...these run my pc speakers...i have put these into my phono socket on the back of the stereo...i can still hear the bass of the song but not through my stereo...just through my pc bass....if i turn the volume on my stereo up i get massive feedback (at least theres a sound!!) the speakers and stereo are ca 10 feet away from my i doubt its from that!..thanks very much for answering .....this forum is the nuts!


  matthew-293741 21:17 27 Aug 2008

i will try the front jacks now though and report back

  woodchip 21:17 27 Aug 2008

Jack should go into Line Out if there is one not Mic

  matthew-293741 21:19 27 Aug 2008

line out? that not the normal green one on the back of the that the dark blue one?

  matthew-293741 21:25 27 Aug 2008

also...should i remove my pc speakers line (green one) (assuming you mean i should connect to the blue one!) the problem being wmp wont allow me to play due to the red cross on me speaker symbol....i think im ready to cry!


  brundle 21:30 27 Aug 2008

Don't put them into the actual Phono sockets...that's for record players which use much lower signal levels. I am using `phono` in the generic sense, the shape and design of the plugs themselves. There ought to be some kind of specific audio software controlling the audio. Go into Control Panel - there may be a specific control panel applet for your audio or just try the usual `Sounds and Audio Devices`.

  matthew-293741 21:32 27 Aug 2008

well...once again computers never cease to amaze me...i left the pc unplugged for a bit...then thought id give my original attempt another go....and hey presto it red x...happy days...guys thanks for all your help....brill as always!!


  brundle 21:33 27 Aug 2008

Look for anything mentioning SoundMax

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