Music to mp3

  neil67 13:56 12 Apr 2008

can anyone suggest a program to convert my music on computer, to mp3 format to play on my mp3 player on my phone.
Something simple would be great as i have limitied computer experience

Many thanks


  bremner 14:31 12 Apr 2008

In what format is the music at present?

  neil67 14:36 12 Apr 2008

some downloaded from naspter and some put on from my CDs

  neil67 14:36 12 Apr 2008

some downloaded from naspter and some put on from my CDs

  bremner 14:37 12 Apr 2008

What is the file extension of the files?

wav, wma, aac, ogg ?

  neil67 14:44 12 Apr 2008

no idea what you mean sorry

  bremner 15:16 12 Apr 2008

When you look at the files in Explorer or My Computer you will see the file as for example

My Way.mp3 or My Way.wma or My Way.wav

Which do you have. You say you have downloaded from Napster, in its early (illegal) years it's downloads were normally mp3.

What I am trying to establish are two things.

1. Whether your files are already mp3's

2. If they are not then what are they

  neil67 15:46 12 Apr 2008

its says on files from naspster that they are windows media file,and yes they are legal,dont download from illegal sites

  neil67 15:50 12 Apr 2008

sorry wma

  bremner 15:51 12 Apr 2008

Right they are wma and no where was I suggesting they were illegal.

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