music layering, magix cover disc, Soundblaster MP3

  [DELETED] 09:22 09 Nov 2003

Hi - my 12 year old wants to record himself through a microphone playing piano, then recording over that on the violin. Searching my CD Roms I found Music Make 6.0 SE on the June 2001 cover disk but despite an automatic acknowledgement to my online registration the promised unlock code was not included. As sod's law wd have it I recently cleared out several years PC Advisors so don't know if any special instructions were given. Does anyone have the unlock code or know a cheap alternative for XP. Also, I will need full duplex sound. I thought about Soundblaster MP3+ which has the advantage of being connected by USB so easy access to sockets - but does anyone know if it has full duplex sound? It isn't mentioned on the spec I assume not, unless someone who owns one knows different. Any help / suggestions welcome.

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