Music File in Web pages

  Lady Lara 23:17 03 Nov 2004

Can i put on a MP3 file on website. If i convert it to .wav it makes it too slow to load. If i convert it to a midi file then it is naff.

MP3 File is 1.8 Mb and am wondering what best option is

  Forum Editor 00:00 04 Nov 2004

what this file is for. If it is for download by others then MP3 format is correct - provided the file isn't protected by copyright. The only thing you'll need to worry about then is the bandwidth, it won't take long to use up the bandwidth allowance on your hosting package when people start transferring a 1.8Mb file.

If you want the music to play on the site then it needs to be in .wav format, but you're likely to deter visitors who will not be prepared to wait while a file that size downloads.

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