Music file playing havoc

  wesparmalee 23:07 07 Jun 2005

I have an Mpeg video file on my pc that is playing complete havoc with my hard drive.Everytime i open the folder that contains this file,the hard drive goes crazy,and it takes an age for the file to be made available to play on my real one player.I've tried to burn the file onto a dvd using Nero express,but Nero will not accept it.The file will play after taking at least 10 minutes of continual hard drive activity,so i know it's not corrupt.The whole thing is driving me crazy,as i don't want to have to delete it.Any ideas what this could be?I've done a full virus and worm scan,and it's all clear.Please help.

  Night Ryder 00:19 08 Jun 2005

If the IDE drive is sharing the interface with a CD or DVD, this will slow the drive down and cause problems. Make sure all hard drives are on one interface and CD / DVD etc are on the other if possible.

Onother possible cause is the type of IDE ribbon cables you are using. Use 40way 80wire cables for optimum drive speed.

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