music editing

  Flabbyfran 18:39 29 May 2003

I have tried to save parts of music from one track as another track using nero wave editor as per their instructions but the saved track will not play and appears as a WAV file and a WPK file neither of which play.
any thoughts?

  ton 20:14 29 May 2003

Choose 'Save As' and give it a name and choose the file type.

  Flabbyfran 22:24 29 May 2003

I tried "save as" but it only saved the whole track and not the segment i highlighted.when i try to save file i get two files saved one in musicmatch jukebox and one in windows media none of which work in either???????????????

  ton 22:43 29 May 2003

I don't normally use Nero wave editor but I think this will solve the 'segment' bit. Select the part you want then click File, Copy. Now select 'New' to get an open window and 'Paste' your segment. You should find that you have just the segment to 'save as'. If you want a better wave editor try Goldwave at click here

  Flabbyfran 20:40 30 May 2003

Thankyou all kindly for your responses @ton your method works beautifully many thanks again.

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