Music DVD

  digbydriver 10:47 30 Nov 2004

Can I produce a DVD full of music to play on a CD player.
The idea of a large quantity of music on one disc is appealing.

  mattyc_92 11:13 30 Nov 2004

Hi, I don't know if you can do this to play on "CD Players", but logic would dictate that you should be able to play it on your DVD drive on your computer, PS2, DVD Player, etc... MUST SAY AGAIN, NOT SURE IF IT WILL WORK THOUGH

  Graham ® 11:48 30 Nov 2004

A DVD will not play on a CD player, sorry.

  TomJerry 12:06 30 Nov 2004

you can put your music in mp3/wma formt at highest quality and put them in DVDs amd payer them in domestic DVD player which you can get around £30. If you want to carry around, you need to get a portable dvd player around £150. But you will be better off to get a hard disk based mp3 payer, ipod is too expensive, you can get similar one with half (or third) price

30Gb MP3 Player £129.99 click here

  TomJerry 12:09 30 Nov 2004

60Gb MP3 Player £144.99 click here

  digbydriver 14:43 30 Nov 2004

Sorry everyone.
I understand that I cannot play a DVD on a CD player. I meant to say DVD player.
My problem is that I cannot work out how to burn the DVD in the first place.
I have nero installed
Any ideas please ?

  mattyc_92 15:40 30 Nov 2004

Have you got the Nero "PowerPacks" installed as well.... You will need the "Nero Vision Express" powerpack to use DVDs.... go to click here and download it from there!!!

  TomJerry 15:49 30 Nov 2004

dvd music (dvd audio) standard is not finalised yet in IT industry, so I doubt you can get a DVD player which play dvd-audio.

However, most dvd player will play mp3 files (as pointed out in my early post), all you need to do are (1) convert your music into mp3 format (you can get free Cdex click here for this if you have not got any program) (2) put all your mp3 files in a dvd disc as a data disc (not music disc). you can have file directory as well. (3) put dvd into your play and use remote control navigate to the song and play and enjoy.

  digbydriver 18:49 05 Dec 2004

Thanks everyone. ot a load of mp3's to listen to now.

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