Is this Music Download site legal?

  hawthorn59 03:41 15 Mar 2011

Hi Folks

Im just wondering if this site is legit and above board...maybe someone might have an idea.

click here

It's only $21 or so for a years unlimited downloads. How is one supposed to know wha is above board or not?


  eedcam 05:29 15 Mar 2011

Well if you lok at there Terms they only mention Software?

The Site makes no claim to ownership or other control or rights to any software recommended by the Service. None of the fee entitles You, as a Purchaser to any ownership, licensing rights or recourse with regard to use of the software other than those rights offered by the software owners or licensees.

  wolfie3000 06:09 15 Mar 2011

It is illegal just from the fact the Lady Gaga download was totally free.

WMG would never give her stuff for free, ever.

  Sea Urchin 13:20 15 Mar 2011

Also a poor reputation from WOT

  lotvic 13:51 15 Mar 2011

Apparently it < "Is 100% illegal and cr...">
<<I just took a look at and it looks like a site I fell for before, they promised the same thing,but when I signed up, I couldnt find any mp3s to download on their site. It turned out that all they were doing was supplying BitTorrent clients and other p2p programs, and you could use these for free anyway, but all I was paying for was support and advice on how to download music what a rip off">> click here
and as long ago as 2004 click here all you got was 'Kazza' after you had paid your money.

  hawthorn59 15:04 15 Mar 2011

Aha! It did look too good to be true. I do feel though that it is hard to know what is illegal and what is not. If you're trying to do the right thing, you could be prosecuted still.

Surely the labels/record companies or music rights authorities should be able to give a stamp or seal or some identification to each legal site so we could be sure.

After all do we know whether eMusic is legal? I think it is as its often recommended in magazines etc, but it is much cheaper than 99p per track, on a subscription basis. They complain about us downloading illegally but dont make it clear what sites are legal or not!



  interzone55 16:16 15 Mar 2011

Easy way to tell an illegal music download site, it looks too cheap.

Most sites charge 79-99p for a chart track, if it's less than that steer well clear...

  hawthorn59 22:24 15 Mar 2011

Well yes I know, but eMusic is an example of a site that has been described as legal. Its a monthly subscription so maybe thay make enough that way, but Im still not sure.

anyway thanks all!


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