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  garybaldy 10:28 08 Jan 2003
  garybaldy 10:28 08 Jan 2003

i was wondering if anybody knows of a free download that i can practice with in order to make may own music.(No ref to kazaa please)

  vienna1981 10:30 08 Jan 2003

you say "make your own music" so are u looking for a file sharing utility to download music or a utility where u can mix and make your own music?

  garybaldy 10:34 08 Jan 2003

vienna 1981 thanks for the quick response ,im looking to mix and make my own music but i dont want to have to copy my cds a would rather a down load which enables me to just mix from pre recorded beats .

  leo49 11:15 08 Jan 2003

Type ".wav samples" into Google and you get these;

click here

If you want .midis or whatever do likewise.


  garybaldy 11:19 08 Jan 2003

leo this link doesnt work do you have another .cheers

  northamuk 11:21 08 Jan 2003

Link works ok.

  leo49 11:21 08 Jan 2003

It works for me, so.....

Open google and type ".wav samples" in the search box and you'll get thousands of hits.

  garybaldy 11:25 08 Jan 2003

i keep getting "page connot be displayed" i live in the netherlands and have a broad band connection could this be the reason.

  leo49 11:29 08 Jan 2003

I can't see why it should make a difference.

Presumably when you search the web you use a search engine, so open whichever you use and carry out the same search - can't imagine the results will be much different.

  northamuk 11:35 08 Jan 2003

Sometimes Google will default to your local, country specific flavour.

Try typing or if there is a Dutch on or even

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