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  audeal 11:29 08 Sep 2009

Hi All.

I live in Sheltered Accommodation and the beginning of this year we started up a Social Club for all the tenants. I sit on the comity and we arrange outings and social evenings.

I am arranging a music evening playing 1950's music. I know that music older than 50 years is no longer in copyright but what I need to know is can I play music from the 60's or 70's without infringing the copyright.

The audience will be the residents ( about 36 people ) and local people from our estate. No payments are to be charge as it is a club function. Any advice on this matter would be gratefully recieved.


  Jak_1 11:38 08 Sep 2009

I think you may find that a music licence is required as it is classed as a public performance. This should help you:

click here

  audeal 12:26 08 Sep 2009

jak_1: Thanks for that link, it was very interesting and it seem that in the UK copyright lasts for 70 years and not 50 years as I thought.

I am still checking out the legal issues here and hope to get more information on the subject.

  eedcam 12:33 08 Sep 2009

Audeal even the charity shops need a licence to play tapes or cd in fact I think you even need one for a radio in an office

  Bapou 12:54 08 Sep 2009

My wife runs a twice weekly tea dance at the local Welfare. Fortunately the Welfare Hall has it's own licence issued by the Phonographic Society. Nevertheless, they insist my wife informs them each month as to what music will be used.

The Society is very strict about these things and you are wise to investigate this before going ahead with your music evening.

Here's a useful link to the society: click here

  audeal 14:06 08 Sep 2009

Bapou: Thanks for that link. I am going into this as deeply as I can, so there is no comeback over playing music on our premises.

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