Music CD will not play?

  ivanteague 19:56 16 May 2010

Say, I have had this problem for some time now and I can't figure it out?

I can create music CD's but they will not play on my 'TECHNICS' sound system in our living room. This system WILL play any commercial music CD without any problem, but not the ones I make.... anyone got any ideas please???

  rdave13 20:04 16 May 2010

What software are you using to create the CD? If you only burn the data then only your computer can play the music.

  Im a diddy 21:55 16 May 2010

create a audio cd with free program such as deepburner or nero if you have it.
click here

  ashdav 22:01 16 May 2010

Try a different brand of disc.
I've come across this often. Some players are quite fussy with recordable discs.

  ashdav 22:02 16 May 2010

Also try burning as slow as possible.

  paddyjack 11:43 17 May 2010

Is it a SATA or an IDE burner? I have encountered problems similar to yours when burned with a SATA burner, but never with an IDE burner. Why that should be the case I have no idea.

  ivanteague 13:46 17 May 2010

Hmmmm... I do not know anything about SATA or IDE burners. I just use 'Nero' usually???

Incidental, the Cd's I make will play in my car and on other people's CD players???? Also on a cheapy CD player that I have bought???

I use 'Audacity' and/or 'Magix' to convert from my tapes to computer. No trouble playing the music on my computer at all???

Oh, I have tried different disk brands... NO JOY!

  gloops1 19:22 23 May 2010

I believe my player has been programed to sniff-out home made CD's, but I may be wrong??

There are many different music formats out there, don't relish making mulitple CD's in them all just to find the type it plays tho!

  rdave13 19:41 23 May 2010

Have a look at your player's instructions. Some support CD-RW,CD-R and CD+R. On some more expensive players these will not be supported.

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