Muse scroll wheel and Firefox

  tonyq 18:09 20 Nov 2009

I am having problems when using my mouse scroll wheel in Firefox more so on PCA site. Other browsers I.E/Chrome seem o.k. Anyone else having problems?.

  tonyq 18:12 20 Nov 2009

Title should read,
"Mouse scroll wheel and Firefox", also having problem with the "O" key.

  octal 19:12 20 Nov 2009

Can you tell us what is happening?

  tonyq 19:31 20 Nov 2009

jerky movement,sometimes does not scroll at all.I have tried it with "Use smooth scrolling" on and off.

  muddypaws 20:16 20 Nov 2009

OK on FF here.

  octal 20:45 20 Nov 2009

I have had problems like that using IE on Windows at work when its trying to load something on the page and it hangs. I haven't noticed it at home here using FF.

  tonyq 12:58 17 Dec 2010

I know its a long time since I originally posted this query but I am still having the same problems,but have found that when I right click and choose "Switch Rendering Engine" every thing works fine. So my question now is,how can I keep it at this setting.

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