Mums Computer :)

  scooby43 12:15 24 Jul 2003

hi everyone

After I built my mums computer, sometimes when switching on the computer I get this wining noise now I was intending to think its the fan causing the problem.

When the windows XP logo comes up the wining stops the fan is spinning OK from what I can see but maybe not sure perhaps I may need to her a new fan anyone have any ideas please


  bennyc 12:18 24 Jul 2003

this is probably still the fan as you said but the CPU has got to a different teperature and the fan then doesn't have to work as hard as before, when it isbooting the computer.

  scooby43 12:39 24 Jul 2003

I mean it only does this winning or another word for it is like a grrr sound I am abit concerned about it although the fans seems to be spinning ok ? it starts the noise when switching the computer on and it then stops when seeing the windows logo and the green bar that scrolls across before going into the main windows screen sorry for the repeating here

  -pops- 12:45 24 Jul 2003

How many fans do you have in the machine?

What happens when you do a restart (Start-> Turn Off Computer-> Restart). If restarting from warm doesn't produce the effect it indicates that it is due to something mechanical (a fan or it could be the hard drive) getting up to speed or getting its lubrication in order.

To check whether it's the hard drive, boot up from cold with the hard drive disconnected.


  bennyc 12:46 24 Jul 2003

Yeah, i think your just getting worried over nowthing, the computer uses lots more power and heat on the CPU when powering up, and the fan has to compete with it to keep the CPU cool, but its working to had its making a noise, you mkight want to install another fan for just over £10 to make it cooler.

  MjM Hellfire 12:48 24 Jul 2003

You sure it's not the cdrom spinning?

  graham√ 12:54 24 Jul 2003

Sure it's not the normal hard drive activity on boot up?

  bennyc 12:55 24 Jul 2003

Good point MjM Hellfire because the CD-ROM drive usually makes a odd noise when you boot up when thers a disc in the drive.

  sil_ver 12:56 24 Jul 2003

Tend to agree with MjM

  -pops- 13:01 24 Jul 2003

? My CD drives don't spin on boot up.

  scooby43 13:03 24 Jul 2003

hi thanks for your responses

There is currently only one fan in my mums machine the noise I am not sure but it dosnt sound normal it only makes the noise when the machine is first turned on but it dosnt always happen and then stops.

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