Multivision PC supplied with Ghost partition

  Dan 19:00 11 Mar 2004

When I first got my pc a year or 2 ago it came with an 80gb drive (C:) but with 3gb set aside as "Restore (D:)" and I'd always assumed it was part and parcel of the Restore function of XP.

However recently after looking into Back up / Drive Imaging software and buying a copy of Symantec's Ghost, I now realise that this partition is full of Ghost related files and I suppose must contain the necessaries for reinstalling my system to it's original state prior to use.

Sadly with Multivision no longer around I can't ask their technical department about this feature, and aside from a small text file saying it's possible (without any mention of Ghost) there's not much of a guide.

Can anyone confirm that I'm right in my conclusion (possibly through their own experience of a Multivision PC).

And how come it's installed on the same physical drive. I thought Ghost had to install an image either off drive on a second physical drive, or to outside media?



  woodchip 19:09 11 Mar 2004

Yes that's what it should be but you should have some means of running the Backup ether by floppy or CD to start it in motion. You need to check any manuals etc that you got with the computer

  Simsy 20:40 11 Mar 2004

but with regard to your question;

"I thought Ghost had to install an image either off drive on a second physical drive, or to outside media?"

I don't know about "Ghost", but with "DriveImage" it just needs to be a different PARTITION. I assume "Ghost" is the same.



  GroupFC 21:48 11 Mar 2004

I too have a multivision system with a restore partion.

As I understand it (but never having had to use it!), the files in this partion will, in conjunction with the "rescue disk" floppy which you are advised to create in the dear customer.txt
file, restore the computer to the "factory settings". I don't really understand all these things, but I suppose the "ghost" bit of it is on the floppy.

Let's hope we never have to test it out!

  keef66 22:01 11 Mar 2004

For reasons beyond my control (the children) I had to reformat the thing a few months ago, fortunately while Multivision were still trading. Their tecchie told me that if I couldn't find any of the software or drivers I needed when reformatting the C partition, look in D. Sure enough it seems to contain all sorts of bits & pieces, some of which I did need. I have also added a few downloaded drivers of my own in case I ever need to reformat again.
None of this protects you in the event of a hard drive failure of course

  arricarry 22:02 11 Mar 2004

Hello - you can restore your system to factory settings without floppies or Cds. My son has a Multivision and we did a restore after about 30 seconds from new. Should be an option menu to do this, keep a look out on booting up. Worked very well.

  arricarry 22:04 11 Mar 2004

By the by drive D:\ has been created as a partition for this utility.

  woodchip 22:05 11 Mar 2004

No but if you get Drive Image you can copy the backup partition to CD's or an extra Hard Drive

  Dan 01:03 12 Mar 2004

thanks all, this kind of confirms what I thought.

I'm still a bit confused how I could theoretically reinstall/reformat c: without affecting the partition that shares the drive and has all these useful files on it...will have to re-educate myself on partitions again.

thanks again.

  arricarry 17:00 12 Mar 2004

Its Automatic - just sit back and enjoy!!

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