multivision goes bust - will I ever get my PC back

  sam-unwise 13:42 17 Jan 2004

Help, I bought mutivision PC last Novemeber and have had loads of problems with it. To cut a long sad story short it was picked up by a courier to go in for repair on the very day multivision went bust. Only found out the bad news today when I phoned to find out the reason for the delay. Don't even know if PC reached mulivision. Will I ever get my PC back fixed or otherwise? And if not can I reload windows office on to a new PC - my 12 year old tells me I won't be able to and he is much wiser than me about these things! How long should I wait before giving up and buying another PC?
Any quick response (if only expressions of sympathy) much appreciated. I'm logged on at local library and have only 30 mins of time left. help please!

  AragornUK 13:48 17 Jan 2004

Well, here's one message of sympathy. I have no doubt it can be galling to have this happen.

If the Office application is on a recovery disc, then he's probably right, you can't install it again. But if it's an actual Office disc then as far as I'm aware the terms of the EULA are that you can only install it on one PC at a time, which since you no longer have the original PC may be OK.

As for the original. Have you contacted the courier to see if it ever got to Multivision? If it didn't then it may be in their warehousing somewhere. If it did, assuming the Administrators have been called in, then contact them and ask for your PC back. It is not Multivision property and as such cannot be included in any collateral for recouping bad debt. If they have just closed down with no Administrators then you probably may never see that PC again.

Wish it could be better news

  Djohn 13:51 17 Jan 2004

Sorry to hear about this, if you look in the consumerwatch forum, you'll see a thread running on this issue.

Yes you can re-use your copy of "Office" on a different machine and it will work fine. click here for the thread in the other room.

Good luck. j.

  sam-unwise 14:00 17 Jan 2004

many thanks for responses. I paid £1700 for PC, thankfully by credit card so I'm hoping I can get some of this back. I can't remember name of courier and don't think hubby got a receipt for it, so might have a few problems here. Expect I'll have to buy another PC but obviously want to reduce cost if I can and MS office was expensive. so much relieved I won't have to buy this again. thanks for help

  Djohn 14:28 17 Jan 2004

sam-unwise. Contact you C/C company immediately and let them know of this issue, not sure how long you are covered for, but someone will know.

And yes you will be fine re-using the "Office" program, even if it is one of the later versions that requires "Activation". It will still activate via the net or through a phone call to Microsoft. j.

  spuds 17:37 17 Jan 2004

Put a search on Multivision within the forums. Plenty of advice available.Act now and you will not lose your computer.Contact your c/c and Multivision.

  spuds 18:52 20 Jan 2004

Birmingham Crown Court have appointed Griffin and King as administrators. Telephone 01922 722 205

  Gaz 25 19:27 20 Jan 2004



  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:29 20 Jan 2004

Gaz....Mafeking has been relieved as well. ;-)))


  markflat 19:55 20 Jan 2004

I ordered a laptop online the day that they went under. I've since blocked any transactions with my credit card, but this has knocked my confidence in shopping online.

  carver 20:22 20 Jan 2004

good news at last!

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