Multivision fault

  Robert-272781 13:59 09 Jul 2005

Can anyone offer some advice?

I have a Multi-vision Elite T4 system with 512Mb RAM. Yesterday it suddenly went wrong with the screen turning to alternating light grey and dark grey vertical lines (happens when windows is starting up). In trying to locate the fault, I took one of the 256Mb RAM modules out and the machine now boots up ok, however after about 5 minutes use it crashes and goes to a windows "blue" error page that states an unrecoverable fault has been found and the machine will need to re-boot. this then reoccurs.
I phoned multi-vision (under guarantee) but they went into administration about 18 months ago !! (fat lot of good that guarantee was).

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.


  woodchip 14:33 09 Jul 2005

The other memory may also be faulty

  spuds 15:25 09 Jul 2005

There might be a solution to the warranty/guarantee cover. Is the warranty/guarantee period still 'active' [time left available], and was the computer paid for by credit card or computer loan/payment finance. If so you could have a claim for repair against the credit provider under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 [Equal Liability].

  woodchip 15:32 09 Jul 2005

only 128 days on credit card. so that's a no go

  spuds 16:16 09 Jul 2005

Regarding credit cards, the 128 day rule isn't necessary true, as this is a possible ruling by the credit card company [there as never been a test case in the law courts to prove the legality of this 'terms and conditions'], and the ruling doe's not come under Regulated and Exempt agreements. Basically Section 75 covers the contract date period. So in all possibilities Contract Law is also applicable.

Most banks and credit card companies have a voluntary 'honour' agreement on all credit card transactions, if a company no longer exists. The difference to the rule is for anyone who as a credit card, that was supplied before the 1st July 1977, which would make the card possibly not subject to Equal Liability under the Act.But having stated that, most if not all credit card companies will 'honour' their commitments under the Act, to any and all card holder customer.

A typical 'Equal Liability' problem that surfaced, was when the original Time Computers went bust. Various considerations, suggestions and remedies where offered by various parties, as to whose responsibility it was in solving warranty/ guarantee problems at the time.In general it was a 'whose going to pay'exercise.

Apologies to Doctor Bob for commandeering his/her posting.

  Robert-272781 09:57 11 Jul 2005

Many thanks to all for your help. For anyone looking in the future, the fault / solution was as follows:

Fault: the screen was turning to alternating grey / dark grey vertical lines during boot up.

I have 2 X 256mb DDR 2100 memory modules and by removing the second, the machine would successfully boot up but then crash / restart after about 5 minutes. It then went into continuous restart.

The actual fault was that the memory module that I removed was good, and the one that I left behind was faulty. By removing the first and inserting the second it now works ok.

Thanks to those who took the time to help.

Best regard


  keef66 12:27 11 Jul 2005

I too have a multivision pc, and about 3 months after they went bust it started acting up. At one point I tried reinstalling Windows, only to end up with blue screens and a variety of error messages which according to the MS knowledgebase were indicative of faulty ram. Running Memtest86 confirmed both ram modules were dodgy; ordered replacements from Crucial, everything now back to normal.

I suspect Multivision went too far in their quest for cheap ram and got no-name Chinese stuff which fails after 6 months. The only other iffy component is the suspiciously light power supply, which I am about to replace with a reassuringly heavy Antec. All the other bits and pieces seem to be reputable branded stuff.

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