A multitude of minor problems = big problem?

  stlucia 11:34 26 Dec 2005

Sorry about the vague subject line: My PC has been playing up ever since I got the BSOD when trying to install an out-of-date version of Adaptec Easy CD Creater under Win XP Home Edition.

I formatted my HDD, reinstalled Win XP and reinstalled AOL (to get onto the www), but things have not been quite right since then:

First off, I'm unable to install AOL's updated modem drivers, so I'm on a 128kbs link at the moment; I've now updated XP with recommended upgrades, including SP2, I've got up to date AVG, Zone Alarm, AdAware, CCleaner, Spybot S&D, and MS Antispyware, and they all report no problems. I've been gradually loading up my other software but I keep coming up against problems:-

Today Excite reports that I can't sign in because I've got Cookies and Javascript disabled. But I've checked my browser settings (both AOL and Firefox), and they're both enabled.

Two days ago when I installed Roxio CD and DVD Creator v6.0 (which had been previously installed), it wouldn't recognise my Sony DVD burner even though BIOS, Windows, and Acronis True Image recognise it and report no problems with it.

Every so often things get added to my startup menu and I have to run MSCONFIG to delete them even though I've previously deleted them.

Every so often a Windows message comes up to say I'm in selective startup mode, even though I clicked and applied "Normal" mode last time I saw the message.

Apart from these issues my PC runs fine. I've run scandisk, with no errors reported. Any idea what might be causing this flaky behaviour, please?

Full PC spec is 600Mhz Athlon, 256Mb RAM, 13+40+80+120Gb HDDs, Sony DRU500A CD/DVD burner, BT Voyager 100 USB modem. No hardware has been changed since the BSOD, and I'm only trying to reinstall and run software that was on the machine previously.

  961 12:17 26 Dec 2005

So far as the Roxio software is concerned, have you got the latest downloads? Your original disc version may precede the DVD burner and may therefore not recognise later hardware

So far as the rest is concerned I'd suggest an on line scan for virus or spyware plus a scan with spywareblaster and spywaredoctor (trial version on magazine discs recently)

After that, its down to Hijack this scan posted on relative web site for advice

I'm not up on AOL I'm afraid but I wonder if a new install from a current disc might be worth a try

  stlucia 12:35 26 Dec 2005

Yes, forgot to mention that. I downloaded the latest Roxio update for my version, and I checked their list of compatibility. No change, still no default burner seen.

But it's all the other little niggles, along with this Roxio one, which make me wonder if there's something fundamentally wrong with my PC despite BIOS and all the diagnostics software reporting no problem. Is there a component failure which could cause such faults whilst still passing all diagnostic tests I've tried.

  kro 12:47 26 Dec 2005

Not much help with your overall problems, but everytime you uncheck a startup application in msconfig you change the setting from normal to selective (because you're de-selecting an item) - which might explain one of your problems. The easiest (or at least an easier) way to clean your startup list is through CCleaner or Spybot (advanced mode/tools).

Have you tried click here ?

  961 13:35 26 Dec 2005

re your 12.35, I don't think so.

It's software or BIOS settings related, unless you've picked up a virus

One question is what changes Adaptec made to the BIOS

  961 13:59 26 Dec 2005

have you tried uninstalling the DVD drive and its software and re-installing?

Any yellow marks in device driver?

  stlucia 15:32 26 Dec 2005

Thanks Kro. But the message sometimes comes back a couple of boots later, not straight after I've changed settings. And, yes, I've discovered that CCleaner is an easier way to do the job. I'll run the diagnostics on that link you gave me in a minute or two.

961, since my first post I've uninstalled Roxio using CCleaner, and then reinstalled it. After the reboot after installation, it then comes up with a message that Roxio Assistant has changed some registry settings and needs to reboot (again!). The first time I let it reboot before running Easy CD Creator, this time I clicked on the "later" button and for the moment it's working, and I've burned a CD to prove it.

No yellow marks against my DVD burner, though there is one against "Other devices > Mass Storage Controller" in PCI slot 4. Not sure what that is -- it's possibly my IDE card for my 5th drive, but the drive on that card is working okay and is reported properly at boot-up. I'll look into that a bit further.

My main concern was that something was going, or about to go, phut. I've never had all these little niggles before though, apart from the AOL modem drivers, I'm sorting them out one by one.

  woodchip 15:45 26 Dec 2005

First Work through these one at a Time. Have you loaded all the latest Hardware Drivers Motherboard etc

  stlucia 20:34 26 Dec 2005

Just finished running Microsoft's Full Service Scan, as per kro's link. Nothing reported, other than some temporary internet files needed deleting and one disk needed defragging, both of which it did.

woodchip, I haven't updated hardware drivers for motherboard etc. I didn't do it before the problem which led to me reformatting my HDD either (apart from a BIOS update a few years back, as I recall) so, as far as I can see, what I've reinstalled since the BSOD is exactly the same as what I ran before the BSOD.

  woodchip 21:27 26 Dec 2005

Do all but BIOS, you should not need that doing

  Sharpamatt 21:42 26 Dec 2005

there is a chance that between updateing and installing you have accuired a virus. when you have scanned did you turn off system restore first. Whilst this does lose all restore points its the only way to clean the entire drive

Another point easly overlooked did you turn off your security such as AVG ZA when installing these programs as some aspects can be blocked

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