multiple problems to solve

  summers13 08:25 13 Sep 2004

Please help this technophobe? I run windows 98 on a client machine and windows 2000 professional on host machine and use a Intel(R) Pro/100 VE connection but in system information that device has a problem with the internet sharing connection protocol and it is suggested that I change drivers? How is that done? Please "noddy" language for this idiot. I am also told that the NDIS.VXD cannot load device(huh!) and the driver is described as ICSHAREP.vxd. Might as well be in japanese as far as I understand all this.
I also seem to have other files missing probably because someone tried to fix it and %^&&^$ up the system (me), for example, I can run the windows 98 CD automatically on insertion but not the wondows 2000 CD. I get a error messege on start up cannot run SPORDER.DLL. I now find after scanning the system for posible updates to the drivers that I need more updated than you can shake a stick at but cannot access the internet from the problem machine and the network isn't talking.......what a pickle.............Assistance would be gratefully received! Perhaps there is a utilities programme that could help me? Probably not knowing my luck.
Thanks in anticipation

  Gongoozler 09:06 13 Sep 2004

Hi summers13. I don't have any experience of your particular setup, but to keep the thread alive, I'll make a few comments.

The device drivers and files NDIS.VXD, ICSHAREP.VXD and SPORDER.DLL are probably related to the Intel Pro/100 VE driver, however SPORDER.DLL can be part of a Spyware program, so the first thing to do is download and run AdAware from Lavasoft click here.

The other thing I would do is to check each computer in isolation to see if it is happy like that with no errors showing in Device manager.

For information and drivers for your Intel Pro/100 VE have a look here click here

  summers13 10:26 13 Sep 2004

The difficulty that I have with downloads is that the computer that has the problem cannot connect and therefore cannot download. Is it possible to download to one machine and then get it to another with no network working? (How can you tell that I am a technophobe!). All the other machines seem to work ok and and have internet access its only the one machine which has difficulties and trying the resovle them is giving me grey if I dont have enough already but thanks for the response

  Gongoozler 11:14 13 Sep 2004

Most downloads are either .exe files or .zip files. You can download them and then copy to a cd, or if they are small enough copy to a floppy disk. .exe files usually run just by double-clicking them. .zip files will need an unzipping utility. This is built into Windows XP, other versions of Windows generally need something like Winzip. click here. Wizip isn't free, but you can use it (I think) on evaluation for 30 days.

  summers13 07:26 14 Sep 2004

Thanks again for the reply, Gongoozler, but I think I will just have to get someone in to try and resolve my problems. I tried winzip but I could'nt even figure out how to use it and the files themselves are too big for floppies so I think its time to give up and call in someone who knows what their doing. If only computers were and there programmes were logical life would be so much easier...........ha! Ah well thanks for trying anyway I think I'll stick to pen and

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