Multiple posts

  jack 12:05 25 Jun 2005

Most of us have done it - the site is a little slow, you/me/we are a little impatient- and click again - and there we are- twice/thrice and more.

I have noticed another little glitch- though I do not know if it is a site glitch or a 'me' glitch

Normally when a post is sent the reply box clears.

I have noticed previously and in my last post, that when the page comes back with your latest gem on display- the box has not cleared- the text is still there- a simple matter then, to click again, and Oops. So now i check my reply/submit box before moving on.

  Forum Editor 12:07 25 Jun 2005

on my computer.

  mattyc_92 12:14 25 Jun 2005

The box is also clear here!!

  jack 08:34 28 Jun 2005

A 'Me' Glitch then!
I just thrown my slipper at it - it usually works.

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