multiple operating system & boot dilemma

  gartoye 20:51 20 Feb 2005

please advise how to go about loading both windows 95 and 98se onto a pc. i have partitioned and formatted my hard drive, and can cleanly install either 95 or 98se with no problems, but am unsure how to get the second operating system onto the next logical drive. when loading the second o/s cd, everytime i try to change the drive letter to the logical drive of my choice, e:, i get an error message advising drive letter not recognised. i can change the drive letter when installing the first o/s, but not the second, ive also tried loading 98 first then 95 but no joy. HELP!i would also appreciate any info regarding the boot process of a pc with multiple operating systems. my main pc (which i dont really fiddle with) runs xp & 98se, i can change the boot order but i think this 'dual boot' is a feature of xp itself. once i finally get both o/s's on the hard disk, how will the system boot, will i need to create a 'batch file' or something??

  LastChip 21:06 20 Feb 2005

As far as I am aware and unlike Win2K or XP, Win98se does not have the automatic ability to dual boot.

You can overcome this, by loading a boot manager on C:. This will take over the boot function and give you a menu to choose which operating system you want to boot into.

Boot Magic, part of the popular Partition Magic suite is a good one, but if you don't have that, a simple search will throw up plenty of options.

click here for one option that can be loaded with Win 95. As a general rule, you install the oldest system first.

  Totally-braindead 21:08 20 Feb 2005

I've got XP on one drive and 98 on the other, the way I did it was disconnect one drive, set the one thats left as master , install operating system and motherboard drivers etc, then disconnect that drive and connect the other on its own as master and install operating system etc on that. Then reconnect both drives one as master one as slave. To get to whatever System you want go into the BIOS and alter the boot sequence. Hope that makes sense.

  LastChip 21:11 20 Feb 2005

XP would have recognised '98 and offered to keep the system and automatically dual boot.

  Totally-braindead 21:14 20 Feb 2005

Didn't know that Lastchip, thanks for that, if I set it up again I'll bear that in mind.

  gartoye 22:52 20 Feb 2005

thanks Lastchip, i have partition magic on my main pc, i only used it once to make my xp partition bigger, but will certainly check out the boot manager features.
thanks also to Totally Braindead for the tips on setting up dual drives, in this instance im actually using 2 logical drives on the one physical drive, but im upgrading my existing 30gb hard disk to a 150gb soon, and you've saved me the trouble of posting a query up here, as i now know how to swap em!! THANKYOU BOTH YOU ARE GOOD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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