Multiple Office versions on one pc

  Newbury 20:40 25 Oct 2005

I am planning to have several versions of office (97, 2000, 2003) on one pc. I want them each to function in their own right. IE I don't want a later version of office to overwrite an earlier version on the hard disk. I guess I need to load the XP OS into several partitions and load the relevant Office version into each partition "zone". On start-up I would choose the partion and thus be able to go to the correct version. Am I right, or am I making this too complicated?

Presumably, loading one version of XP several times on a single pc is within the terms of a single XP licence?

Would be most grateful for any advice.

  Jackcoms 21:22 25 Oct 2005

What is the point of having several different versions of Office on one PC?

  sharkfin 21:31 25 Oct 2005

I cant really see any point in installing multiple versions as the latest (XP) will do everything and more that the previous versions can do. Its also has a compatibiltty function in case you have old software which doesnt seem to work in XP.

You'll only end up using one OS, and wasting Hard drive space.

I recommend you use only one OS.

Regarding your question. yes you can, you may have to installing each office application into a separate folder or even separate partition.

  ventanas 21:37 25 Oct 2005

If you really do want to do this, though I cannot imagine why, you can have as many different versions of Office as you like installed to the same version of Windows. All versions of Word, Excel etc will be available, but not Outlook. You can only have the one version of this, and it will always be the latest. If you intend to go ahead install them in ascending order. You will be asked if you want to upgrade or install a different version.

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