Multiple Networks stopping internet access

  Peter Lanky 11:10 03 Feb 2010

I have just reinstalled Wt Home after installing a new motherboard. Only one problem. When I close the PC down and then reboot, I do not get an internet connection.

Looking at 'network and sharing centre' in control panel, it shows me as having a Home network and an 'unidentified' public network, which I have certainly not created. If I then select 'change adapter settings' from the menu on the left, and then 'disable this network device' and then re-enable it again, the phantom 'public network' disappears,the internet connection returns, and all is well, until I switch off again, and the pattern is repeated.

I have gone through the diagnostics with no results, as well as uninstalling the network adapter and letting Windows reinstall it.

Anyone else experienced this, and if so, how is it solved?

  Peter Lanky 11:14 03 Feb 2010

First Line should say W7 (Windows 7) not Wt.

  Peter Lanky 18:43 05 Feb 2010


  ribo 14:09 30 Jun 2010

I was wondering if you have found an answer to your problem, as I have the same problem and cannot find a solution. J

  Peter Lanky 19:52 30 Jun 2010

Ribo, the problem has indeed been solved and you can find the answer click here

The problem lies with a programme which either Adobe or Apple installs without having the decency to tell you about it. Apart from a smug and unhelpful person called Bubbapcguy, the posts in this thread help to solve the problem.

  ribo 20:29 30 Jun 2010

Thank you very much for your reply.
I have altered the Bonjour service to Auto.(delay start). as was suggested elswhere.
Did you have to update Bonjour as per the thread you sent me.
Did you find that it was the Bonjour seervice that was the problem? I have Photoshop CS3 installed. J

  ribo 09:16 04 Jul 2010

Thank you very much for your help. My problem is all sorted. J

  daureluc 19:51 05 Jul 2010

It seems your problem occurred when apple or other service installed a program without your consent. This can actually be avoided by restoring UAC (user account control) on window 7. I know and understand it's annoying how ever you can now regulate this feature to be less annoying but still protect your pc from unwanted soft to install themselves. This will also give some protection against virus that DO indeed install themselves without consent

for UAC search UAC in control panel

for more computer help click here

  T0SH 21:03 05 Jul 2010

You need to change the public network status (limited to local access only) to a private home network to allow (local and internet access)

The setting is in network properties somewhere can`t remember exactly where for now though sorry

Cheers HC

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