Multiple monitor - Multiple Graphics Cards Problem

  jamieman16 18:17 27 Sep 2016

Hello PCAdvisor Community.

I have recently tried to connect my Alienware 15R2 Laptop to a television screen (not a specialised pc monitor) to use as a second screen. I initially had some problems getting the resolution right (it cut off the corners of the screen) but have since made it mostly fine by using a custom resolution which keeps the majority of the screen.

The problem occurs when I try to play games on the second monitor, the games do not have the option for me to play at the custom resolution I am using (1700x900) and if I try to use fullscreen I cannot see the whole game screen.

I was looking through my graphics properties for my display adaptors (An Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M and an Intel HD Graphics 530) and it seems that my Nvidia card can only detect my additional monitor whereas my Intel one can only detect my actual laptop one, this means that I cannot really change the options on both monitors together or change how they interact etc.

Any help on how to control which adaptor controls which screen or anything else is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:40 27 Sep 2016

......(it cut off the corners of the screen) ........

That's usually a TV setting that causes that. Go into your TV options and see if there's one to turn "overscan" off. You can then use the TV's native resolution and everything will hopefully be fine.

  jamieman16 20:12 27 Sep 2016

Thanks for the reply. I have looked around the TV options but on the picture menu but the only one relevant* to resolution and things is the aspect ratio which defaults to 16:9, if I change this then I either get 4:3 which doesn't fit at all or an even more zoomed in version.

*However there is a greyed out 'Screen' menu which I cannot access. TV model number is L32HE23, has anyone heard of a known issue with this? I have looked online but to no avail with this.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:55 27 Sep 2016

Sorry to hear that you couldn't find that option. Not all TVs have it. Hopefully if you can get into those screen settings you'll find it.

  jamieman16 18:00 29 Sep 2016


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