Multiple logins for gmail on PC and Tablet

  Ikarus 18:44 18 Oct 2014

On my PC I use Lastpass to store logins to sites. I have created a gmail account on a recently purchased tablet. I now wish to access it from my PC. However, when I go into gmail on the PC it will only login to my daughter's account. I am baffled by Lastpass' URL Rules help as I don't know the path for the account created on my tablet.

I don't want to delete my daughter's details (for fear of reprisals!)so is there any way to temporarily disable the Lastpass login for my daughter to enable me to enter my details in the Google login site?

Sorry it sounds abit garbled but it is difficult to describe concisely what happens!

  wee eddie 19:36 18 Oct 2014

Many have the same conundrum. Web Mail logs into the last user. I have the same problem with Outlook/Hotmail/MSN addresses.

I shall follow the thread with interest.

  Ian in Northampton 19:42 18 Oct 2014

Gmail gives you the option to add accounts to your 'home' page. When I go to Gmail, I have a choice of five addresses to log on to. Can you not do something similar?

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